Prayer Listing Page

Prayer Listing Page

  • May all who read this be blessed.

    bless all who read this may you have many many happy days ahead!

    Blessed be

  • Heal Little rock Arkansas.

    To many times i have turned on the tv and seen reports of people shooting neighbors fathers brothers sons and more... Why do we feel killing os the best choice is it anger or grief. Either way it needs to be halted. Love thy neighbor. Please protect all those that are in and around this remarkable city.. Thanks. Blessed be.

  • The World Finds Peace in itself.

    We are all faith based creatures and we some how use this to discriminate against one another and separate us. Ever heard the term divide and conquer. We are stronger and better as a hole for one purpose to exceed our forefathers expectations of what we are meant to achieve they laid the path in front of us but it's up to us to take the first step in the right direction. In this I hope that the reader and the thinker see we need consense not conjuncture.

    Peace to all

    Blessed Be.